Word Work

Our brains are symbol machines. I wanted to try and unlock words from traditional formats and add more meaning, new symbols or larger ones. New layers of symbolic meaning over old. The voice conveys so much more than merely symbolic sounds. We can understand the words and expression of the voice separately and together.We name, categorise shape much of our world through our language. Words never tell the whole truth but point hopefully towards some truth. I began to see words as symbols that work on many levels. When working on language as a mass of symbols, they then can convey new symbols that may be in alignment with the original meaning or not. Then enters dimension, perspective and composition and another layer of symbolic meaning can be introduced creating a multi-layered language, like our voices. I began to see word having a physical form, an object to be sculpted and reinvented. Moulding words into infinite new shapes and combinations. Always with the intention, the symbols still contained the original code of the writer. My job was to reformat the language with a new layer or expression and possibity, creating a synergy and a new perspective. My job was to reformat the code with a new layer or expression and a possibility that added to the inner coded symbols, creating a synergy and a new freshness or perspective. A new symbol or refreshed symbol over the old. My aim was and still is to create a sculpture using language as the material, the physical form. Allowing the viewer to experience language and words, a book for example from infinite perspectives and dimensions. To walk around, peer through, come close walk away yet still gain multiple symbolic meanings. To understand its overall value and emotion without reading a single word.


A typographical representation of a relationship over time with its twists and turns, ups and downs, with its intensity, its closeness then distance.
The whole biblical text genesis within the Christian cross.
The whole book of the doors of perception on one artwork.
A typography based artwork exploring how our mind automatically generates language

Available for Exhibitions  & Collaborations