Our Inner Universe

We are deep caverns of experience. The following artworks explore, express, open up and begin to look inside these caves of humanity.

Each of us has an inner universe of dimension. Our subconscious minds are always in contact with this reality or inner world, this unimaginable vast inner dimension. If the Earth became a black hole, it would have a diameter of about 0.017 meters, about the size of a marble. A mountain can fit inside an atom. Meaning we have a vast amount of space exists within us, an enormous dimensional space.

The four figures in the artwork 'Our Inner Universe' are all experiencing a different inner life. I am expressing their different physical realities, the mind-body complex that influences these inner worlds within the same space. All the figures have a different belief system, a contrasting inner universe. Some closer to harmony with the universe, happiness or flow than others, some are completely open or empty.

Our senses are only fragments of reality. We observe the world as a layer of surfaces. Our subconscious mind is always in contact with all the subtleties and depth of existence, a part of our brain is in constant contact with the vastness of experience.

I think some people do become fully conscious and can fully link the conscious and subconscious mind, gaining the wisdom from such experiences. In such conscious experiences the form of the body no longer exists, a reconnection with infinite space. The hologram the brain produces of reality becomes expanded without limit.


People are deep caverns of experience. The following artwork explore, express, open up and begin to look inside these caves of humanity.
An artwork that shows the Flow Of Tai Chi within a man practicing the ancient method.
An artwork that shows the inner life of a women overwhelmed by her inner state.
An artwork showing three old men in a care home.
The inner existence of the the three figures of the famous Baton Rouge photograph
An old lady worries on a chair. An artwork that explores the suffering of humanity within.
The inner life of two police men stood in an open space
An abstract expression of a physical root of suffering becoming conscious within the body
Abstract expressionism of the suffering within the body that burns.

The Fire Inside

Giclée Print On Hahnemühle Pearl, 42” H x 60” W (106.7cm x 152.4cm) 2004

Available for Exhibitions  & Collaborations