Artist Statement

For the past 25 years, my artwork has always been a process of self-discovery and release. To lift the divine veil and bring back its riches and wisdom. To overlay this journeyed perspective on subjects and situations.

I began meditation at precisely the same time I started creating art. I believe that everything is in its perfect place all the time. If that place or situation is beneficial for us as individuals or society is our choice.

Our senses are only fragments of reality; what is behind the curtain of the divine? We observe the world as a layer of surfaces. The subconscious mind is always in contact with all the subtleties and depth of existence. A part of our brain is in constant contact with the vastness of experience.

Some people become fully conscious and can link the conscious and subconscious mind, gaining wisdom from such experiences. In such conscious experiences, the form of the body no longer exists, a reconnection with infinite space, the divine. The hologram the brain produces of reality becomes expanded without limit.

In my varied and diverse approaches to making art, I naturally gravitate towards expressionism and symbolism to capture moments in time that are a doorway to infinity. To reflect on our culture today and then communicate those inner states and the history that formed that moment. Art gives us a place to find truth and understand the human condition and its conditioning, and perhaps a way out of such delusional states of self.


Available for Exhibitions  & Collaborations